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April 03, 2014
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TSSB 34: Hit Wams 1m
I came back from California TouhouCon, it was awsome! Here is todays video: And if you want to see how the TSSB tourney went here is the twitch: Best time of my life, hands down!

New Horror FPS by Alex Cromwell! 1m
Hello, I know that I said that I was leaving game making, but I simply couldn't without making this FPS. It is a horror FPS similar to Hospital 3d, however it is more combat-oriented and more violent. Here are some screenshots, keep in mind that it is a work in...

S4D Early Progress. Also how animate? 1m
What's up everybody, I have started to only be active during competitions but oh well. College keeps me busy. Not that I ever posted much before. Anyway my themes are awesome. Disaster, Decay, and Abandoned. Possibly the best default synergy I have seen from anyone. Plus it went right along...

S4D - Boobs & The Learning Curve 1m
My themes seem almost too easy to implement. Illusion, haunting, and deprived senses? Easy peasy. I mean, I like all three and illusion + deprived senses really lends itself to game mechanics which can be as simple or complex as I want them to be. Right now, I'm thinking two young adults/teens...

my scary 4 digits live stream 1m
I decided to live stream my work on my scary 4 digits game at . i don't have an exact time planed for when i will be streaming, but I will usually be streaming around 5:00AM or 6:00AM UTC most days. So check it out...

First blahg post! 1m
Yay! My first ever blog post! Not only on this site, but anywhere at all! This is a big moment for me, so I'd better get off on the right foot. Or the left. Doesn't really matter, seeing as I'm actually sitting at a keyboard typing this. Anyways, I got my Scary4Digits themes and I'm pumped and...

I Got My Themes Today!!! 1m
Wow I am excited today I actually got my theme assignment. I googled My themes just to see if there was a definition that would give me some inspiration, and to save you all the trouble of typing in to google to see what I found here are the...

Yal's S4D Devlog: Surface effects! 1m
Started working on my S4D game. Progress: - Used autoflagging to allow me to place random unlockable crap in rooms without caring about how to save if it's picked up or not. Normally spazzes out in Studio when savefiles are involved, but they won't be this time. - Used autotiling to not having...

S4D Mini Progress Reports 1m
This blog is for posting small bits and pieces of progress you've made; anything that you feel doesn't warrant an entirely new blog. And try to comment on other people's work a bit too! Feedback is going to be very useful during the course of this competition!

Let's get this Party Started! 1m
I've been brainstorming the themes for a few days, have come up with a few ideas related to the themes as well as things I've wanted to flesh out / experiment with a bit more from the tech stack / implementation side as well. What I've come up with so far: Tech Stack - client will be...

Scary4Digits 2014 Random Brainstorming 1m
Hiya! First time posting here. So I was assigned with these three themes for the S4D14: Deprived Senses, Emptiness, Black Magic. Let's start by throwing all the ideas about the themes, shall we? Deprived Senses Quite literal. The easiest and most exploitable is the sense of...

S4D -First hours of work. 1m
I want to make smaller but more frequent updates this time around, instead of writing giant blog posts at the end of every few week (month). Maybe every 48h or so. I've been working on a tile editor and a tile sheet. Will not disclose more information. Until the next update!...

3d stuff n stuff 1m
I was working on that 2.5d game for a while and i've got the engine in a great state, but i've decided to move the Adventure Game project to Unity. I'll the using the 2.5d engine for some upcoming smaller projects. It's also been a long time since i've done anything in 3d, but i was able to...

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